Welcome to the Future. Welcome to Waterside.

Waterside will be the hub of Northampton town centre, where shared relaxing spaces, leisure facilities, commercial property and tourism-focussed enterprises live and breathe for the benefit of the people around them.

What does a modern, future focussed campus look like?

It has its own energy centre, designed to save 2,200 tons of CO2 per year – the equivalent of taking 431 cars off the road.

It features a £1.3m restoration of a Grade II listed Engine Shed, which will house the new Student’s Union.

It’s built by over 150 contractors and 34 local suppliers to boost the local economy and employs in excess of 280 Northampton residents while under construction, all of whom have Social Impact Action Plans.

It’s a £330m example of embracing change, pushing the boundaries, and actively seeking to transform communities.

Built on a 58-acre brownfield site in Northampton town centre, Waterside provides everything students and staff need to live, work and learn on a vibrant, gleaming new campus that is the best home-from-home you can imagine.

Waterside will be at the centre of an ambitious town that truly embraces the community and positive change – where vibrant residents, driven students and world-leading academics don’t simply co-exist, they interact and grow together.


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