The BSc Paramedic Science course is physically, psychologically and emotionally demanding but with financial help, Elicia is progressing well and is enjoying it immensely.

On placements with SCAS she is now a lead clinical practitioner on emergency calls under the watchful eye of her mentor. Her confidence in practice is strengthening continuously as she takes her university training and knowledge and applies it to real life medical incidents.

She has passed her C1 driving test and has gone on to the SCAS blue light training course which she has passed as well. Now she also drives to medical emergencies on blue lights and sirens.

“The financial burden of training to be a Paramedic is huge so the Sir Thomas White Award really helps with all the associated costs such as car maintenance, medical equipment, textbooks… the list is endless.”

She recently completed a placement at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Paediatric A+E admissions gaining an A+ grade from her Placement Practice Mentor.

She is closer to realising her ambition to become a frontline medical practitioner and the scholarship made it all so much easier.

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