Managing the time for assignments and revision and time with practical placements is hard enough. It is even harder, if you have a financial burden on your shoulders.

Matthew qualified as a registered Adult Nurse in 2017. His second year was very challenging, as this was a year in which he had more complex assignments to complete, such as his Literature review in which he managed to achieve an A. His Pathophysiology exam took a lot of revision and personal study needed in order for him to achieve a great grade of B.

“The money I received was not put to an exciting cause, but it was used to help me with my living costs and also help towards any books that I needed for my dissertation.”

“Again I thank all those for this money as it really does help me out for the year and just makes everything that little bit easier.”

In addition to his assignments, he had to do his practicals. His first placement was on the Dryden cardiac ward, which gave him a good understanding of how the heart works and he got to participate in some emergency situations such as cardiac arrest.

His second placement for the year was with District nurses, where he got to spend time with patients who were end-of-life. Although emotional, this is where Matthew could see himself when qualifying and was aiming to become a MacMillan Nurse upon qualification.

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