Do good twice. Make a Pledge today.

While the University of Northampton will be inviting donations to support its work, it recognizes that some supporters may not be able to give directly. A charitable savings Bond provides an alternative option where supporters can make an investment and donate the interest upfront to the University.

Charitable Savings Bonds are issued by Allia Impact Investments. Allia is a charity that helps social organizations make a positive impact and has been issuing bonds like this since 1999, creating millions of pounds in grant funding for charitable projects around the UK. Every bond that has matured has been able to repay its investors in full.

The money invested in the bond will generate interest by lending the money to the largest charitable social housing provider. By holding money in the Bond, rather than a standard bank account, investors can fund the University of Northampton while knowing their investment is also creating a positive impact for people with housing and support needs.

If this sounds interesting, we invite you to look at the Brochure for more details.

If you have any questions about the proposed Charitable Savings Bond, please contact Allia by telephone on 0845 456 2431 or by email at

*This is not an offer or an invitation to invest but is intended to gather expressions of interest in this new form of support for the University.