Online procrastination? Not for Mohammed

The award has been a great source of support in many ways, one of which was that it supported him to attend hackathons. He attended HackNotts, a hackathon hosted by the University of Nottingham and organized by Major League Hacking. His team had some big sponsors such as Bloomberg, Paypal and Just Giving and they were tasked to create something tech-based with the sponsors in mind.

Other than attending hackathons, I used the funds to purchase an Arduino, which is a small device you can program to create interactive electronic objects. The funds have also been used for travel and food, as I come into university most days in the week including weekends, holidays and days without lectures.

The team created Piggyjar, a chrome extension which aimed to tackle online procrastination. It worked by moving a small amount of money into a savings/charity account whenever a user goes into a website such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube etc. Their project was in the top 10 out of the many other groups from different universities all over the country.


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