Invest- In Leather -

From the hide to the high street

Why is it needed?

The Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) is a globally- unique research centre based at The University of Northampton, which engages in cross-disciplinary research that responds to the scientific and technological needs of the leather, automotive, fashion, footwear and allied industries.

With the University moving from Park Campus, it will be transferring its ICLT and the Leather Conservation Centre (LCC) from its current home to the former Vulcan Works site in Guildhall Road. The Borough Council is working with the University of Northampton to create a multimillion-pound leatherworking centre of excellence within the town’s cultural quarter.

This project demonstrates the strong partnership between the University and the borough council which bodes well for the cultural future of the town centre, and Northampton as a whole, bolstering its reputation as a global powerhouse for leather specialism.

The ambitious plans will see the new International Leather Centre become the epicentre for leather expertise, addressing the whole of the value chain. As well as working with fashion, design, marketing and business within the University, this will be achieved by close engagement with other specialised areas within Northampton such as Moulton College, LCC, The National Leather Collection and, of course, the local leather industry. No one else is positioned to offer this level of expertise worldwide.

Make the difference

By supporting our leather fundraising campaign, you will be helping us build first class facilities, continue teaching new students and empowering their desire to learn and work in the only such centre in Europe. You will be contributing to our research and conservation efforts which play a large part of the ICLT and more importantly you will be helping us to inspire change both locally and globally.