Dust Off The Collections

The Opportunity

The University’s special book collections provide our students, staff and the wider community with a unique and historic resource. You can contribute towards the cost of exhibiting a collection.

Why is it needed?

The University houses three special book collections: a Children’s Collection, a Law Collection and a Leather Collection. They will be proudly exhibited within bespoke areas of the Learning Hub. 

The collections are an invaluable resource for the University and we are proud of them. For example, the Leather Collection has been created as a tribute to the University’s and Northampton’s long-standing association with the leather industry. The Children’s Collection is used by local schools and nurseries, in keeping with the University’s strategic ambition of ‘making Northamptonshire the best county in the UK for children and young people to flourish and learn’.


Make the difference

Your support will ensure these invaluable collections are presented and enjoyed in a manner which they deserve.